Caring Across Generations




We are committed to delivering an exceptional medical service to the people of South Gippsland. Our aim is to provide care that meets the highest professional standards.


Our purpose is to actively contribute to the health of the people of our community, by caring for their physical, emotional and spiritual health and by supporting each to take responsibility for their own health.

Whist our training is in traditional western medicine, we work within a network of health professionals with different skills and expertise. As far as appropriate, we encourage each person to seek the most appropriate treatment for his or her needs.

Health care will take different forms in different situations, but in particular we seek to promote a strong preventative approach to health and well-being for all.


In our working environment we value honesty, respect, sensitivity and clear communication. We seek to provide compassionate, empathic care and to refrain from paternalistic or judgemental attitudes. In doing this, we aim to provide a positive environment of team work and trust, in which all staff are enabled and encouraged to develop to their full potential.